Initial Thoughts

vo̅x has an ethereal, otherworldly presence. It feels holy and blasphemous, gentle and powerful all at the same time. The main visual that I can’t seem to erase from my mind is that of vo̅x wearing a massive, eight story dress. This song and her persona demands a god-like scale. Essentially, I see her standing atop a tower of scaffolding, her dress flowing over the rigid structure. She stands in a stately, demonstrative position above everything and everyone. Beneath, faintly veiled by her softly translucent dress, are more figures and bodies. We can only see their soft silhouettes through the sheer fabric as they move in unison. The scaffolding structure stands in a flowing river surrounded by overgrown trees and vines. The water flows beneath her as she performs.

I have some ideas of a flow or arch that the video could take, but that is where it needs some development. Does she change from the beginning to the end? Is there some shift that is slowly taking place throughout the video? Is something slowly dying or disintegrating? Is her dress on fire and slowly burns up toward her the entire video? That sort of thing. Would love to know your thoughts.

Conceptual Rendering

Additional Visual References